A unique experience to kick off your summer

For those of you who keep receiving positive feedback about our country and are wondering what Colombia is all about but at the same time are looking for that perfect little excuse to finally indulge, boy do we have a special invitation for you!

Live and Invest Overseas has just confirmed that their 7th consecutive annual Colombia conference is going to be held in Medellin during the first week of June. This is an unique opportunity for anybody wanting to discover why Colombia has been appointed as one of the world´s top relocation and investment countries. There is simply not a better source of information nor a stronger lineup than the one that Live and Invest Overseas compacts for their readers and attendees every year as a result of their three day conference. We are privileged to have been invited to present at these events ever since publisher and overseas retirement authority Kathleen Peddicord started to prophetically predict the great opportunity our country represented, almost 8 years ago. If you wish to learn about the details and enroll in this myth-crumbling and enlightening experience, please click here.

We know that making the trip over here to attend the conference implies a serious commitment, so here´s a twist to make it even more memorable. There´s an event that takes place only once every four years, that paralyzes a quarter of global population, that exceeds by more than 4 times the average audience generated by a Superbowl, and in which Colombia has participated only 6 times in almost 100 years of history: the world cup of soccer, world´s most popular sport. 2018 is a world cup year and in this occasion Russia will be the epicenter of the games commencing June 14th and ending a month later. To every Colombian´s delight, our national squad has qualified, will form part of group H and will be facing Japan, Poland and Senegal during the first stage. Whether your like soccer or not, the city of Medellin will transform and experiencing the environment during these dates will be an event of its own. If you think you know how soccer makes people feel in this part of the world, think again, schedule your visit to be part of this exhilarating opportunity and let the energy and our distinctive Colombian warmth take over during the games.

Corporate Law


250+ successfully incorporated companies.

Whether you are considering incorporation for the purpose of establishing a business in Colombia, shielding an ongoing venture or for estate planning in connection with your affairs in this part of the world, our highly trained lawyers specialize in legally structuring investment and/or holding vehicles that will allow you to achieve your goals in our country.

Real Estate Law


350+ lawfully acquired properties.

With hundreds of successfully handled real estate transactions, our team of experts has unparalleled experience to properly and integrally guide you in connection with your real estate needs. From title searches, drafting or analyzing real estate contracts, dealing with liens, to handling closings and even negotiating terms, our skilled lawyers will offer comprehensive service.

Immigration Law


450+ effectively obtained visas.

In turbulent economic and political times such as the ones we live in, the ability to immigrate presents itself more as insurance than anything else. Our experienced and skillful group of experts has timely and successfully handled several hundreds of Colombian visa applications of all natures. From permanent investment visas, to real estate ownership, pension, capitalist, student, work, spouse, family related and beneficiary visas, we have experience with them all and offer full turnkey service.

Foreign Investment Law and Banking


2.500+ duly registered foreign investment operations.

Lots has been written about how cumbersome it is to send funds in or out of Colombia, about how accounts for foreigners are even unavailable. When you know the regulations, the system, the procedures, the authorities and the participating agents like our experts do, you realize that such appreciations are nothing but misconceptions. Thanks to more than a decade of reputation and experience in dealing with financial operations, our team has seamlessly created countless individual and corporate accounts at financial institutions as well handled thousands of investment and repatriation transactions.

Accounting and Tax Law


+10 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping and tax matters.

Whether you are just starting up or your business is an already consolidated project, our accounting professionals offer a decade of experience and all year round service in connection with accounting, bookkeeping and tax matters so that clients may concentrate in growth and productivity while resting assured that tax contributions are being rationalized.

Estate Planning


Comprehensive service in non-business related matters.

Business matters are just as critical to our clients as civil and family ones, which is why our team brings broad experience to the table in regards to estate planning matters. Those who have decided to invest or relocate in Colombia count on our firm´s knowledge towards properly structuring their assets so as for avoidance of probate and smooth generational transfer of wealth to take place. Our services in this realm of the law include wills and structures such as companies, trusts and escrows.


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