Come to Medellin, wear a poncho and enjoy The Festival of Flowers

Every year in August, Medellin highlights its beauty and magical culture with La Feria de las Flores or the Festival of Flowers which is the most important fair for its inhabitants.

People from around Colombia, even from abroad, especially from United States and Europe, don’t miss the chance to be part of an exciting week full of activities for all tastes.

This year the festival takes place from August 3rd to 12th and will have more than 120 different plans to enjoy, like the world-known Desfile de Silleteros, the Orchids, Flowers and Handicrafts Exhibition and the Antique cars Parade.

Besides La Feria de las Flores, there are several other very cool plans that you could treat yourself too while you’re visiting Medellin, a beautiful, modern and cosmopolitan place that spreads a flower smell that makes the city to be more beautiful and enjoyable, so we highly recommend you all come and be amazed by Medellin’s culture. You won’t regret, we promise.

Here is a short list of the most important attractions in Feria de las Flores, so you can choose your favorite ones and book your agenda to come to the city of the eternal spring and live a wonderful experience:

August 3: Outdoor cinema at 7:00 pm at MAMM
August 3, 4 and 10: National Trova Festival at 6:00 pm at Parque de los Deseos
August 4: Bicycle Parade from 3:00 to 8:00 pm
August 5: Dog and Pets walk at 8:00 am at Estadio Metro Station

August 7 – 12: Orchids, Flowers and Handicrafts Exhibition at Botanical Garden
August 11: Antique Cars Parade from 10:30 am
August 12: Desfile de Silleteros or Silleteros Parade at 2:00 pm

To see the whole schedule, please click here.

Medellin and its fair awaits for you!

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