2018´s census: you are also part of the measurement!

It has been over a decade since Colombia’s last official census. A lot has changed since then. Colombia has begun to marveled the world as a result of the many social, political, economic and cultural events that have shaped our lives and redefined an entire generation. To keep data harmonized with our new exciting reality as well as to acquire a more accurate interpretation of what’s going, Colombia prepares to be measured again.

As announced by the Government late last year, our country will soon enter into the 2018 census. Once completed, around August, this quantification will explain who we are, how many we are, what conditions do we live in, how our households are conformed, our educational level and the self-recognition that we perceive as a society.

This year’s census will have two phases: a virtual one and a physical one, featuring a visit from a public officers from DANE – Colombian Statistics Department. Both Colombian citizens and foreigners permanently residing in Colombia have the obligation to undertake the census. So, if you are amongst the lucky expats permanently living in Colombia please take a few minutes of your time to better educate yourself about this relevant obligation. Engaging in the virtual phase of the census is simple, believe us, we have done it already. Moreover, taking the virtual process first will help you save time during the physical visit form the officers. To get started simply click on the following link, which will be available until March 8th: https://ecenso.dane.gov.co/