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Thanks to our deep knowledge of our market place, at Gutiérrez Group we have fully structured and expertly managed four unique investment opportunities in different industries of our local economy that fundamentally cover all needs.
From immediate cash-flow to remarkable long-term valuation, these alternative investments have the special component of being truly “Colombian. ”They make sense and deliver within the unique conditions of our market.
These options are:

Factoring with Judgments

Our most popular product given its outstanding combination of risk/reward. It is basically buying government debt. Offering 10% to 13% annual ROI with payment in 2 to 4 years. No cash-flow is provided.

Taxi Loans

Our most liquid product and the perfect alternative for those who seek cash flow. 10% to 12% annual ROI. You receive monthly payments of principal and interest.

Colombian Timber

Our most ambitious and rewarding project, developing large scale, agro industrial forestry plantations. Expected ROI of 16%+ per year. Payment at maturity. No cash-flow offered.

Mortgage Loans

A better alternative for real estate. Average of 10% annual ROI. You are paid monthly payments of interest, and principal at maturity (1 to 5 years).

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