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About Us

Gutierrez Group is a Boutique Multi-Family Office specialized in providing legal advisory, investment, business, and general consulting to foreigners living and/or investing in Colombia.

Our Companies

Each of our companies at Gutierrez Group thrives on helping foreigners to properly establish and safely diversify their portfolios within Colombia.

From full range Legal Advisory through JDG Law Advisors, to different profitable types of investments,

Forestry investments (Colombian Timber), Mortgage Lending, Taxi Lending (Sutax), Factoring with Judgments and Real Estate, we encourage people from abroad to discover the incredible opportunities that Colombia has to offer.

Our Clients Say
  • I am very pleased with the quality of investment with G investments co. I sincerely appreciate the responsiveness and the way they conduct business. They do what they say they are going to do. Am looking forward to doing business with them for years to come.

    Linn, USA
  • I first visited Medellin, Colombia in 2011 with my wife and two kids. We all fell in love with the warmth of the people and the city and decided we wanted to spend at least part of the year here. I sought recommendations from realtors and bankers for an attorney that could guide me in my real estate purchase and establish residency for my family. One name kept coming up as the best and brightest – Juan Dario Gutierrez.  I visited Juan Dario and felt immediately comfortable.  We’re a lucky family to have the good fortune to have found him.

    Mike, USA
  • I cannot say enough good about my client experience with Juan Gutierrez and his office. Working in Medellin and navigating a new culture has its challenges, there are obstacles that are difficult to anticipate. But, with Juan’s expertise, potential problem areas are alleviated, saving me time and money. I have worked with attorneys in the U.S. and Medellin, and have not experienced any with the high-level of integrity and professionalism of Juan and his office.  I highly recommend the Gutierrez Group when doing business in Colombia.

    Philip, USA
  • We´ve purchased property in more than two dozen countries and can say that Juan Dario Gutierrez and his team rank in the top tier of real estate attorneys anywhere in the world. Juan Dario and his team made the property purchase process seamless and stress-free. Juan Dario’s organization is one of the most professional we’ve worked with, and Juan Dario himself has gone well above and beyond. He is not only experienced and expert but also a great and generous resource.

    Lief & Kathleen, USA
  • At our first meeting with them we knew we were in the right hands.   They helped us not only with our condo purchase, but they have also helped us with our visas and cedulas.  They have always taken the time to answer all of our questions and make sure that we understand the process we are going through.  They are a very professional, knowledgeable, wonderful team of people to work with, and we are forever grateful that they were recommended to us!

    Mindy & Valentino, USA
  • I met Juan Darío Gutierrez several years ago at a conference in Medellin, Colombia and was impressed with his with his professionalism. It was my first time in Colombia but I knew it was where I wanted to do some investing. He then introduced me to his two brothers Daniel and Felipe who together, made the Gutierrez Group. Over the years they have given me great advice and I can trust them to always have my best interest at heart.

    Gerry, Canada
  • I wish to thank you, and your law firm, for your help in guiding me and helping me in my investments in Medellin. Although I speak the Hispanic dialect, I am not versed in the legal complexities of doing business in Colombia. You know and understand the law and have successfully guided me in my investments in Medellin. My thanks to your brothers, your staff, and to you for excellent efforts for me.

    Bud, USA
  • I have seen the work out of your new office and it is obvious that you are continuing the tradition of providing excellent legal service to your clients. It is without hesitation I say that in every situation, you personally, or your staff, did an outstanding job of resolving all of the difficult challenges in an expert and professional manner.

    Tom, USA
  • There was never an instant where I felt alone in a foreign country, unable to negotiate the many hurdles and challengers in relation to owning property in Colombia. Essentially I was led by the hand through every process in a timely and courteous manner. I have no hesitation to recommend Juan Dario’s legal firm to anyone who requires the many legal services they provide in their usual professional and knowledgeable manner.

    Vladimir, Australia
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Juan Dario and Felipe Gutierrez for more than four years and have been very happy with the help they have provided. I am very impressed with the breadth of services they offer. Juan Dario has provided much more than legal assistance – he has become a most trusted advisor in so many ways. I consider myself very lucky to have met Juan Dario and Felipe and recommend their firm most highly.

    Tim, USA
  • As a client for almost 3 years now, I can personally say that Juan has shown excellence and consistency in the quality, timing and personalization of work that has been done on my behalf.  Juan has assisted me with multiple company formations, tax compliance and accounting issues, property acquisitions, banking and securities account procurements, contract negotiations and resident visa applications. I would strongly recommend retaining Juan and his firm for any legal or investment matter that you may have in Colombia.

    Rob, USA
  • I engaged JDG Law Advisors following my recent arrival in Colombia with complete They expeditiously handled my immigration application, real estate purchase and Colombian will, and additionally helped with commercial and tax advice, and with setting up bank accounts and making FX transfers. As an international investment banker I’m well aware of the importance of top quality legal advice, particularly in Colombia, and have pleasure in recommending the firm.

    Philip, UK
  • Juan and his staff provided an excellent level of service and they always kept me informed of everything that was happening.  Juan outlined from the very beginning what my options were and the outcome was better than I anticipated. Initially, I had some reservations about hiring an attorney in a foreign country, but in the end I was very glad that I made the decision to do so. Aside from his obvious skill and remarkable success rate, Juan is genuinely committed to his clients.

    Justin, USA
  • I have had an excellent experience all around working with JDG. The staff is attentive, professional, and knowledgeable about the processes involved, and made sure to get things right and have the process flow smoothly. I plan to continue working with JDG for my legal needs in Colombia and recommend the firm to others who are planning to invest in Colombia and/or seek an investor visa.

    David, USA
  • I met with many lawyers before deciding to work with Juan Dario on the legal process for my real estate investment, and he has been fantastic. He’s reliable and trustworthy, and I have since recommended Juan Dario to all my friends. As a foreigner, it’s important to have a good lawyer when making investments, and he is the best in Medellin.

    Edgar, Singapore
  • I have executed an apartment real estate transaction with JDG Law Advisors as well as the process for obtaining a Visa. Juan Dario Gutierrez and his team are very professional in everything they do. From the very beginning I felt being in good hands. They also had time for my daily problems, making the start in a new country much easier. I highly recommend JDG Law Advisors to anyone looking for outstanding service.

    Christian, Switzerland
  • What I appreciate the most about JDG Law Advisors is the quality of the holistic support that it is able to provide to its customers. Regardless of the type of service that it delivers (whether its legal, administrative or fiscal), timeliness, completeness and quality are always there. Furthermore, I do appreciate the friendliness and availability of the staff. Not only do they promptly address my queries, but they are always ready to provide some advice on the most cost-effective way to address the different issues. As an investor, this is of great help, as my knowledge of local systems and procedures may not always be necessarily up to date. I am delighted I can count on JDG Law Advisors, it certainly makes my life much easier

    Andrea Lacquaniti, Italy
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Corporate Law


250+ successfully incorporated companies.

Whether you are considering incorporation for the purpose of establishing a business in Colombia, shielding an ongoing venture or for estate planning in connection with your affairs in this part of the world, our highly trained lawyers specialize in legally structuring investment and/or holding vehicles that will allow you to achieve your goals in our country.

Real Estate Law


350+ lawfully acquired properties.

With hundreds of successfully handled real estate transactions, our team of experts has unparalleled experience to properly and integrally guide you in connection with your real estate needs. From title searches, drafting or analyzing real estate contracts, dealing with liens, to handling closings and even negotiating terms, our skilled lawyers will offer comprehensive service.

Immigration Law


450+ effectively obtained visas.

In turbulent economic and political times such as the ones we live in, the ability to immigrate presents itself more as insurance than anything else. Our experienced and skillful group of experts has timely and successfully handled several hundreds of Colombian visa applications of all natures. From permanent investment visas, to real estate ownership, pension, capitalist, student, work, spouse, family related and beneficiary visas, we have experience with them all and offer full turnkey service.

Foreign Investment Law and Banking


2.500+ duly registered foreign investment operations.

Lots has been written about how cumbersome it is to send funds in or out of Colombia, about how accounts for foreigners are even unavailable. When you know the regulations, the system, the procedures, the authorities and the participating agents like our experts do, you realize that such appreciations are nothing but misconceptions. Thanks to more than a decade of reputation and experience in dealing with financial operations, our team has seamlessly created countless individual and corporate accounts at financial institutions as well handled thousands of investment and repatriation transactions.

Accounting and Tax Law


+10 years of experience in accounting, bookkeeping and tax matters.

Whether you are just starting up or your business is an already consolidated project, our accounting professionals offer a decade of experience and all year round service in connection with accounting, bookkeeping and tax matters so that clients may concentrate in growth and productivity while resting assured that tax contributions are being rationalized.

Estate Planning


Comprehensive service in non-business related matters.

Business matters are just as critical to our clients as civil and family ones, which is why our team brings broad experience to the table in regards to estate planning matters. Those who have decided to invest or relocate in Colombia count on our firm´s knowledge towards properly structuring their assets so as for avoidance of probate and smooth generational transfer of wealth to take place. Our services in this realm of the law include wills and structures such as companies, trusts and escrows.


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