Guaduales de Samaria

Type – Tipo: Gated community – Parcelación
Units – Unidades: 15
Size per unit – Area per unit: 3.000 -5.100 Sqm – m2
Location – Ubicación: Carmen de Viboral, road towards La Ceja – Vía a la Ceja

Gated community with 15 plots of land with an area within 3.000 – 5.1000 Sqm. Paved road, with 3 different creeks crossing through the project and with over 3.000 planted threes. 5 KM away from the municipality of Carmen de Viboral.

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Type: Parcelacion

Units: 15 Sqmt/Unit: 3.333 – 5.100 mts

Location: Carmen de Viboral, la via hacia La Ceja

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