Gutierrez Group May 2017 Newsletter

The first quarter of 2017 has been a busy and exciting time for all of us at Gutierrez Group!

In addition to assisting our loyal clients with their personal legal and investment concerns, in March we kicked off our latest amazing agricultural investment opportunity. Also in March and April, we shared our expertise at two different conferences, the first in Panamá and the second in our hometown of Medellín, Colombia.


We are excited and privileged to present the second phase of our incredibly successful timber project to you — our best clients and closest friends. Gutierrez Group is now offering an agricultural investment which will not only yield double-digit financial returns, but also improve the quality of our environment in several important ways.

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By purchasing undeveloped farmland at an exceptionally low price (U$180 per Hectare), we are contributing to the developing forestry industry. A few years after we plant more than 880,000 trees, this land will produce Bio-mass pellets and chips for the booming, clean energy generation Bio-mass industry.

Plus we have already partnered with Lignum Resources, a Spanish company devoted to promoting power-generation projects worldwide which will market and sell our bio-mass product.

Read the full story behind our newest timber project, Colombian Timber II here


Gutierrez Group is a family business specializing in alternative and unique investment opportunities in Colombia. We provide professional legal and investment advice to our foreign clients living and/or doing business in Colombia.

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It is our pleasure to offer safe wealth diversification and maximization strategies in different sectors of the economy. From agriculture to real estate to exclusive financial strategies, we are a one-stop-shop currently serving over 1,000 satisfied clients.

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