It’s Spring and We’re Celebrating Earth Day and El Dia de Arbol (Tree Day) By Planting Trees

Join us in our celebration…

“To preserve our planet for our children and future generations, we no longer have the luxury to take any of this for granted. So today, on this first day of spring, we want to put forth one word, a powerful solution to rebalance our planet: trees.”

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we are excited to offer you one last chance to invest in Colombian Timber before it’s sold out.

In past newsletter articles [] we’ve shared our visionary investment opportunity which is currently thriving in the eastern plains of Colombia. Our goal of planting more than three million trees is well on its way to success. Click here to learn all the details.

Our timber project has a total of six phases, but recently there’s been an exciting change in the program.

Only 12 Shares Left

Phase 1 sold out quickly which allowed us to plant more than 950,000 trees in 2016. These trees are already 10 to 12 meters tall and set to be harvested in 2023, right on time with our seven year plan.

Then, in 2017 we planted more than 883,000 trees for Phase 2. These trees are already six to eight meters tall. We were able to fully plant Phase 2 and get the trees growing with only 90% funding.

This means we only need 10% more to fully fund this phase. This is absolutely your last opportunity to receive the projected 16% Internal Rate of Return (IRR) from Colombian Timber. I’ll explain why after I share our exciting news…

Phases 3, 4, 5 and 6 Are Sold Out!

Our original plan was to offer smaller, individual investors the unique opportunity to invest in this large agricultural project offering amazing 16% IRR on investment. Phases 1 and 2 have been great successes, with only the few remaining shares available in Phase 2 as I mentioned before.

However, due to the outstanding nature of this project, we have drawn attention from a few, very wealthy investors and companies who have snapped up all of the remaining phases of Colombian Timber and fully funded the rest of the project. This means we won’t be opening any more phases to the general public once Phase 2 is sold out.

You Can Still Join Us

As I write this message to you, we only have 12 share packages available. One package costs $153.900.000 Colombian pesos, which is approximately US$50,000 based on current exchange rates. Each package grants you 190 Colombian Timber corporate shares, and the ability to qualify for a Colombian residency visa. More about that benefit a little later…

In fact, two of the 12 packages are already reserved, but we are waiting on investor funding to close those deals. So we can only offer packages to the next 10 investors today.

One of the many reasons you should invest with Gutierrez Group is the personalized service we provide through our Family Office. We will walk you through every step of the process, including opening bank accounts, transferring funds, and answering legal questions at a savings of at least US$350.

Since Phase 2 is already fully planted, if you are one of the next 10 investors, you will be joining the project in-progress. This means most of the risk is gone since the trees are already thriving and more than 20 feet tall. Also, you won’t have to wait the full seven years before receiving your profit since the expected harvest is now only five years away.

A Quick Summary Of The Benefits You’ll Enjoy In Addition To 16% IRR

Beyond the projected 16% return on your investment, Colombian Timber offers these unique financial benefits, not offered by any other agricultural opportunity:

Carbon Credits – The production of timber creates a positive impact on the planet’s carbon footprint. Colombian Timber has been approved for the sale of carbon credits to other companies who are causing a negative impact on the environment. In effect, those other companies buy the carbon credits we sell which improves the profits of our timber project as well as our environment.

Apiculture – The world’s bee population is struggling and dwindling before our eyes. As part of our timber project we hope to “inter-crop” the trees with beehives to encourage apiculture propagation and produce honey which could be sold in addition to the final timber product.

Secure Benefits Personally For You

This last available phase of Colombian Timber is already underway, meaning it is completely turnkey and requires no maintenance or supervision on your part. By investing with us, you’ll diversify your investment currency, along with diversifying your asset portfolio by owning part of an agricultural project which improves our planet every day.

Our timber opportunity is also one of the most secure investments you can make. Don’t just take our word for it. We believe in this project, and how it is improving our environment so strongly that we have also invested in Colombian Timber.

On the ground, we have hired the best agricultural management team, InverBosques which is a world-class, high-standards forestry operator with more than 65,000 hectares under management and more than 300 employees in the region. Our teammate’s experience adds substantial value to this partnership and we are proud to partner with these highly respected experts.

Don’t Risk Missing Out—Join Us Today

“Trees are nature’s original life preserver. They’re a simple solution for a global environment increasingly at risk. So it’s our profound responsibility to plant trees. If ever there was a time to plant trees, now is that time. Here is my invitation to you – our shared mission – let’s plant trees together.
Every tree counts. Every tree planter is a hero.”

~ The Arbor Day Foundation

It’s easy to join this elite group of investors and tree planters, but you need to contact us today to be one of the last few investors in this important project. Remember, since Phases 3, 4, 5, and 6 are already sold out, after Phase 2 is gone, this investment will not be offered again.

Our planet and all its creatures need our help. Your investment in Colombian Timber means we can:

  • Plant more than three million trees on otherwise unused land,
  • Improve the overall carbon impact on the planet, and
  • Possibly support the bee population and produce honey.

While you receive:

  • An expected 16% IRR on your investment,
  • Diversification of your investment portfolio,
  • Share ownership in a Colombian corporation,
  • The ability to apply for a Colombian residency visa, and
  • A secure, agricultural opportunity.

Bonus Limited Time Offer – Act Before May 15, 2019

As an added bonus, we are offering free Colombian residency visa applications through our Family Office partner, JDG Law Advisors, for all investors who respond before May 15, 2019. Our talented team of legal advisors will walk you through every step of the visa process, ensure all documents are prepared correctly and file your application, free of charge. You will only pay the standard costs assessed by the government.

This is a savings of at least US$750, offered free to investors who act before May 15th. We encourage you to come to Colombia to see for yourself why we are so proud of our beautiful and safe country. We know you’ll fall in love with Colombia and want to stay. We can make that happen, without legal fees.

Due to the amazing interest we’ve had in this project, we expect the few remaining packages will be gone quickly. We are ready to receive your call or email, answer any questions you may have, and start the simple process to claim one of the last few Colombian Timber packages.

Don’t miss out! Simply click below.