Dear friends,

We are very excited and very proud to announce the launch of our brand new Real Estate website to buy/sell new or used properties in our beautiful Colombia.

You ought to know that throughout the last few months we have been tirelessly working to enhance our Real Estate practice. You see, up until today we had a vibrant practice but it only covered Management and Development.

We began managing properties approximately 4 years ago. It started with just a few of them, thanks to some of you who didn’t want to trust your apartments to others. As the word spread out given outstanding results and the great personalized service we are known for, a few units turned into a bunch, a bunch into a few dozen and today we are the proud managers of close to 65 exclusive units, including 3 boutique buildings

We also started developing projects around 5 years ago. We did it like we do everything else: we first tried it out with our own funds so that we didn’t learn at anybody’s expense. We developed a gated community in a municipality 30 minutes away from Medellin, followed by another one in Guatapé and then a 5 stories building in Medellin. As a result of great collective effort, we conformed an amazing team of architects, engineers, designers and project managers with whom we are currently developing 3 different projects and structuring 2 upcoming ones.

New Real Estate Platform - Colombia

From left to right: Quiral, 3450 Living and Nükâk

Despite these great additions to our line of services, we were still missing something in our Real Estate division in order to make it a truly comprehensive one: Brokerage.

Over the years we have eye witnessed how different types of real estate brokerage companies operate. We have seen the traditional local realty firms, created by Colombians and thought for Colombians, with all of the complexities that such implies for international clients, especially the language barrier. Then came those created by foreigners who intended to close that cultural gap but ended up often abusing their client’s trust in ways you might be familiar with.

So, after pondering about this for some time and motivated by the support of dozens of you, we started working on and ended up putting together a wonderful team of talented professionals who also meet that imperative requirement of ours of being truly good human beings. 

As head of this new Real Estate Sales division, we recruited Liz Pelaez, who we are very proud to introduce you to today. Liz is a Business Manager and International Negotiator with education and work experience in the United States, Canada and Colombia. She has been involved with real estate transactions since 2014 and over the years she has helped more than 300 international investors acquire real estate in our country.

Liz brings to our team a great deal of marketing, strategy and negotiation skills. As part of her duties, she has been in charge of putting together a team of the best realtors in town so that together we can help you find the properties you are seeking for. 

However, as good as the team is, it wasn’t going to be able to perform at top level without proper technological tools. That’s why, we are also hereby proudly announcing the release of our brand new Real-Estate website, which we truly believe will help you enjoy your experience with Gutierrez Group even more. 


You can now visit our official Gutierrez Group site just by clicking on Services – Real Estate. In this site you will find a special section called Buy New or Used Home, where you will be able to filter properties in different cities, neighborhoods, price, facilities and find out which are the latest properties in Colombia we recommend. We have more than 100 amazing listings and counting! 

Enjoy the experience further by looking into detailed information, photos, videos, and even virtual tours of some of our top picks.

If you like what you’re hearing and would like to see our listings, make sure to click here to get started. 

Before we wrap this up, let this be the opportunity to also announce our newest WEBINAR, which will be taking place on August 13th at 2 pm in Colombia (3pm EDT). This webinar will be conducted by Liz and it’ll be the perfect opportunity for all of you to meet her and ask her any questions you might have about the current performance of the market and her vision for the upcoming months. You’ll also have the chance to meet our team of realtors, learn how to use the website and even receive exclusive information on the top 5 most interesting deals that Liz has personally analyzed and handpicked for those of you who are hunting for the next high yielding property in Colombia. 

We will be offering more information on the webinar during the upcoming days. If you would like to enroll right away, please 

We sure hope you can all join us, there’ll be lots of valuable information. Until then, please take great care of yourselves and stay tuned. 

With great appreciation, 

Gutiérrez Group

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