About Daniel Gutiérrez

Daniel is a Business Administrator with focus on Finance and Project Development & Management, and founding partner at Gutierrez Group.

After 6 years serving as Project Manager at Gutiérrez Márquez Asesores, a  company with 4 decades of experience in providng professional services in Colombia. in which he singlehandedly led the expansion of the Real Estate division, in 2015 Daniel founded Gutierrez Group along with his two brothers.

At Gutierrez Group Daniel stands as the Director of the Investment Department and the Real Estate Divison. Driven by his skillfulness and wide understanding of Colombia’s Real Estate. Daniel has led the group’s own development of projects of different types and sizes. Furthermore, he has provided assisted to dozens of clients to develop and/or expand their own projects.


Felipe Gutiérrez CEO
Juan Darío Gutiérrez CLO
Daniel Gutiérrez CPO

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