Gutierrez Group’s Private Mortgage Loans offer investors the opportunity to participate in a growing industry that is disregarded by local banks: lending money to foreigners buying and/or developing real estate in Colombia.

In Colombia, foreigners can’t borrow funds from local banks until they achieve local credit history, which might take up to 2 years. Despite any type of credit score abroad, their lack of local financial history makes them unacceptable for banks. This opens an immense opportunity for investors willing to diversify into a secure industry while obtaining attractive returns that exceed those from owning and renting real estate.

Gutierrez Group offers the opportunity to become a private mortgage lender by operating as a mortgage broker, matching a single investor (creditor) to a single borrower (debtor).

Loans are placed using loan-to-value ratios of no more than 70% and collateralized against highly marketable properties. The term, usually no greater than 5 years, is for parties to define. Amortization of principal and interests can be set to take place on monthly, quarterly, yearly or balloon payment as they are for parties to negotiate. In average, investors may expect annual net returns of 8% to 11%.


  • There is a growing need that no bank is catering. Tourism and foreign investment are increasing every year and investors often require leverage for their real estate purchases / developments.

  • Perfect opportunity to obtain a source of cash-flow leveraged against a hard asset while assuming a low level of risk.

  • This investment allows for further diversification of a real estate portfolio by asset type, country, and currency, as investor may decides to receive his monthly payments either in USD or Colombian pesos.

  • Completely turnkey. Investors receive a permanent stream of monthly income without the administrative hassle arising from owning rental property.


  • Gutierrez Group receives a loan request from prospect.

  • The request is reviewed and due diligence is performed. This involves evaluating the property collateralizing the loan, conducting a title study and analyzing the debtor’s financial ability to repay the loan.

  • If loan request qualifies per Gutierrez Group’s standards, the opportunity is presented to potential investors.

  • If an investor accepts to place the loan, a promissory note, a loan and a mortgage contract are presented to and signed by parties. These contracts document the deal by featuring the loan’s amount, interest rate, term, LTV, and payment schedule

  • Once contracts are executed by parties, investor disburses funds to borrower and term commences.

IRR Offered to Investors

Between 8% and 11% per year depending on the conditions of the loan.


Mixed, depending on both parties’ needs and expectations (1, 2, 3, or 5 years).

Collection of Principal and Interests

To be arranged between the parties.

Who is Looking After the Investment?

The operation is completely executed by Gutierrez Group. The loans are analyzed, structured, supervised and controlled by our highly experienced team of lawyers, property valuators, and financial specialists, a team with over 10 years of experience on the field.

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