About Gutierrez Group

Gutierrez Group is a Boutique Multi-Family Office specialized in
providing legal advisory, investment, business, and general
consulting to foreigners living and/or investing in Colombia.​

Personal CEO

Our firm acts as a personal CEO, offering a dedicated, talented and passionate team of professionals, including the owners, who can oversee and manage the complete array of your financial and legal affairs in Colombia.

We also cater to Colombian citizens, small and medium size corporations, multinationals and companies new to doing business in Colombia.

Client Oriented

As a result of both deep knowledge of law and business, as well of multi-cultural and linguistic knowledge arising of education abroad and years of experience, we are able to better understand and serve foreign clients as they pursue proper implantation into the Colombian legal, business and living frameworks.

Colombia is unique

We understand and love our country. Having a multidisciplinary team with global vision has reinforced our firm beliefs in the immense opportunities our country and cities have to offer, which is why we do not only encourage people to visit, live and/or invest in Colombia, but we also are voluntary ambassadors of our country at various international investment and relocation events every year.

We promote Colombia

And more particularly Medellin, as a top living and investment destination, attending several conferences, wealth summits, retirement seminars and events each year, where we share our knowledge about Colombia and offer our legal services and investment products to expatriates and investors from different parts of the world who are now discovering the immense potential and opportunities of all kinds that our country beholds.

Meet Our Team

Project Manager

Carlos Mario

Office Manager

Marcela Molina

Property Management Director

Ana Maria Estrada

Accounting and Financial Coordinator

Leidy Marcela
Correa Osorio

Junior Legal

Maria Clara
Montoya Quiceno


Bibiana Londoño


Dallis Murillo

Senior Legal

Julian Andres
Piraban Cruz

Property Management Assistant

Eliana Torres


Sara Calle Gallego

Communications Manager

Alejandra Quintero Franco


Felipe Gutiérrez CEO
Juan Darío Gutiérrez CLO
Daniel Gutiérrez CPO

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