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Our Project Development team is led by Daniel Gutiérrez, founding partner of Gutiérrez Group. Our project managers, architects, interior designers, builders, and lawyers, we all are working as a cohesive unit to scout unique real estate opportunities to develop projects of different scales. From rural urbanized lots, to urban short-term rental buildings; we have a team of passionate and thriving professionals that always delivers.

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Guaduales de Samaria

3450 Living

Mr. Odd / Coming soon

Quiral / Coming soon



Navigating Colombian Real Estate can be tricky. The lack of an MLS and low commissions can easily bias unscrupulous realtors. We maintain strong principles, which is why our team offers traditional realty services based on the timeless virtues of honesty and ethics. We help our clients sell or buy property to live in, rent out, or both, all according to their expectations and needs, but always at what we believe are truly fair prices.

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