At Gutiérrez Group, we feel proud of sharing some remarkable achievements from the early months of this year. These milestones underscore our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ investments and ensuring the quality of our projects.

We’re thrilled to share these exciting updates with our organization and, of course, our investor partners.

A Sustainable Evolution

Since its inception in 2015, Colombian Timber has evolved from a traditional lumber company into a series of innovative projects. Each project represents a crucial step in our dedication to sustainability and profitability.

Today, Colombian Timber focuses on a carbon capture model. This strategic shift reflects our commitment to preserving the native forests of Vichada and their ecosystems. Simultaneously, we harness tree growth to generate highly attractive returns for our clients while capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

A few months ago, we informed our investors that the latest issuance of CO2 bonds for our forestry projects was imminent.

Having received nearly 90,000 bonds in 2019 (sold at $5 per bond), we’re delighted to confirm that we’ve officially received our second batch of carbon credits for our forestry project. As projected, this time we obtained nearly 370,000 bonds, which will be sold throughout 2024 at an average price of more than USD 15 per bond. This represents a 300% increase compared to our prior transaction, which is exactly what we have been envisioning all along and the reason for our strong call to action with the carbon credits business.

As projected, with the sale of these new bonds we will generate more than 3 billion pesos, or approximately $850,000 USD, in revenue for our investors in 2024 alone.

Colombian Timber projects are currently funded. However, if you are looking to be part of the group of visionaries, we invite you to join our list of interested investors. Occasionally, existing investors may need to sell their shares, providing you with an opportunity when they become available. Click here for more information and the chance to be part of this remarkable project.


Redefining Construction in Medellín

The Cut, a hotel that will be welcoming hundreds of visitors eager to explore Medellín’s soul, has stood out since its construction began.

Demonstrating innovative approaches, The Cut has opted for an ASCENDING-DESCENDING construction process. Watch this video from Santiago, our lead construction engineer, to learn more about this truly awe-inspiring engineering feat.

We’re not only committed to the highest quality standards but also complying with the initially projected construction timeline. And there’s more good news for The Cut: On April 22, we received official notification from the Fiduciary governing the project that we achieved break-even conditions. This news fills us with happiness and reassurance, supporting the dream we embarked on together months ago.

Pioneering the 5-Minute City

Calalta, nestled in the heart of the Alto de las Palmas neighborhood, is a key component of the prestigious ALTO real estate macro development, and the very first project starting construction.

Apart from incredibly tasteful design, Calalta offers a location poised for exponential growth and appreciation. Just 20 minutes away from Medellín, this exclusive enclave forms part of a sophisticated and meticulously planned city.

We’re thrilled to announce that Calalta is now completely SOLD OUT and construction just began a few days ago.

If you missed out on Calalta, don’t worry! In just a few months we’ll be officially launching our second project that will form part of Alto. Be sure to join our waiting list if you don´t want to miss this new opportunity!

Special Mention


We take immense pride in sharing that last month, Semana, Colombia’s most prestigious magazine, highlighted our company’s contributions to nation-building and featured us in their yearly special series ¨Where to invest in 2024¨. You can read the full article by clicking here

As we celebrate these milestones, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all who have contributed to our journey thus far. Together, let’s continue to push boundaries, defy expectations, and forge a future filled with possibility.

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