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Discover the enchanting allure of Medellin, a city that has captured the hearts of visitors from all corners of the globe. With its breathtaking nature, lush green mountains, perfect climate, and awe-inspiring sunsets, Medellin has become a haven for those seeking a vibrant and positive energy. It’s not just Colombians from different cities who are … Leer más

For your next stay in Colombia book with us directly!

For your next stay in Colombia book with us directly 1

At Gutierrez Group we like to think that we contribute to this noteworthy figure, and this new year won’t be an exception. In fact, besides the (now highly consolidated and successfully proven) investment alternatives offered in the previous years, which are still available this year, we are offering a new set of opportunities during 2020, including a few new exclusive Real Estate ventures.

Live in Colombia

Bogotá, capital of Colombia

Colombia, a country that has grown dramatically in the last three decades has become one of the most sought-after destinations for expats around the world. Located at the northern tip of South America surrounded by both the Pacific and Atlantic ocean, makes the country one of the most easily accessible locations to travel from the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Where to Stay in Medellin?

Where to Stay in Medellin - Medellin

Medellin, commonly known as, “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera” or “City of the Eternal Spring”, is one of the hidden gems of Latin America you must visit at least once in your lifetime. A city with pleasant weather, kind and candid citizens, high-end tech hubs, world-class restaurants, and a mesmerizing cultural heritage makes Medellin one of the most remarkable places to visit in Colombia.

Introducing 3450, our latest labor of love!

3450 living 7

After months in the making, Gutierrez Group (GG) proudly presents its latest architectural labor of love. A bold addition to the beautiful city of Medellin, 3450 Living by GG is ready and certain to be the most desirable accommodation for travelers looking for modern luxury in the heart of Medellín, Colombia. The relaxed atmosphere is perfect for young professionals, students, couples, digital nomads, or friends looking for a cost-effective space in a prime location.

The Best Investment Opportunities in 2021


A new year has begun and, as has become customary here at G-Group, what better way to welcome it than with a brief review of the investment opportunities that we have to offer this year which, as usual, comprehend a fair array of industries and remarkable alternatives to profit from, always prioritizing what for us is our greatest premise in this field; a prudent, risk-controlled yet financially attractive maximization of wealth.

The best options to invest in Colombia in 2020

A lot has been written lately about Coronavirus, perhaps even to the extent that most of us are well aware of where it came from, how it spreads, which countries present the most cases and what can be done to contain it. Yet one main question seems to lie in the air and that’s “how long with the outbreak last?”

The Holidays Are A Magical Time To Visit Medellín

The Holidays Are A Magical Time To Visit Medellín

If your weather outside is frightful, and you are looking for an exciting and memorable way to celebrate the year-end holidays, you need to come to Medellín in December. With perfect weather for being outside to soak in all of the festivities, Medellín can’t be beat at this time of year. And you don’t need to bring scarves and mittens!