Is Colombia At The Top Of Your List For A Possible Place To Live Or Invest?

Is Colombia At The Top Of Your List For A Possible Place To Live Or Invest? (If Not… It Should Be!).

*The following is a message sent to attendees of the LIOS Orlando 2017 Retire Overseas Conference previous to the event.


Dear Reader / Retire Overseas Conference Attendee:

In the past 20 years, Colombia has shed its former image to reveal a thriving, safe, and cosmopolitan country full of opportunity. This is why we went to Orlando to be part of the Live And Invest Overseas Retire Overseas Conference to share our story with people from all over the world.

We Have The Answers To All Of Your Questions For Living And Investing In Colombia

At Gutierrez Group, we want to show you the beautiful, prosperous, amazing place we call home. Our Family Office approach provides the personalized service you deserve in every aspect needed to relocate to Colombia, invest in our booming economy, or simply plan a visit to our welcoming community so you can learn the truth for yourself.

**** Special Pre-Conference Sneak Preview ****
Only For Conference Attendees And Live Stream Participants

Our group consists of three branches that work in harmony to meet your every need. From legal advice to investment opportunities to personalized family financial management services, Gutierrez Group does it all.

JDG Law Advisors—Whether you have investment questions, banking needs, real estate plans, visa and immigration concerns, or need advice about taxes and estate planning, our legal advisors understand the latest laws and ever-changing requirements to address these issues.

In the Retire Overseas Conference Attendee, you will hear Attorney Juan Darío Gutierrez speak on Aug. 30 at 12:15 p.m. Be sure to catch his presentation to learn all the details about how we can address all of your legal needs. Juan Darío will also be available for private consultation at our booth in the Exhibition Hall when he is not presenting.

Juan Darío Gutierrez,
Founder and Senior Legal Advisor, JDG Law Advisors

Gutierrez Group Investments—Our investment advisors have carefully vetted four diverse investment opportunities for our clients, featuring low controlled risks and generous returns on investment. As an attendee at the Retire Overseas Conference, you will learn all about these offerings during our presentation on Aug. 29 at 3:05 p.m., but allow me to whet your appetite with a brief introduction in the meantime …

1) Factoring—By simply purchasing a judgment which has already been budgeted for payment by the Colombian government, our investors have realized a 13% annual return on their investment within a two- to three-year time frame.

2) Colombian Timber—If you are concerned about our environment and want to help improve our planet, all while making a tidy profit, you should consider investing in our timber project. Unlike many agricultural investments, which take decades to produce income, our state-of-the-art timber plantation is projected to yield 16% per year in just seven to eight years.

3) Sutax Taxi Loans—A specialized loan program for taxis in Medellín, Colombia… Our group has invested in a highly respected and recognized company which buys and sells taxis and driver’s medallions. The right to own and drive a taxi in Colombia is regulated by the government and only those people with medallions may operate a taxi service.

By providing taxi loans ranging from US$20,000 to US$40,000, amortized over only 36–60 months, our investors have realized 10% to 12% returns each year. Your investment helps provide short-term loans to taxi owners, which allows them to work, providing a much needed service to our community while also providing income for their families.

4) Mortgage Loans For Foreigners—Because many of our foreign clients want to purchase real estate in Colombia, we understand that foreigners need financing options. It can take two years for a non-Colombian to establish sufficient credit in Colombia to qualify for a real estate loan.

With your investment dollars, our group can now offer mortgages with a loan-to-value ratio of no more than 70% over no more than five years including negotiable amortization plans. Our investors can expect returns from 8% to 11% per year, which are often better than the returns realized from owning and renting real estate itself.

“Family Office” Whole Firm Services

We provide a personal CEO for your family’s financial needs. Our team of professionals can manage your complete array of financial and legal affairs in Colombia. From initial investment to estate planning, tax obligations and regular accountings, philanthropy and budgeting for generations to come, our diverse and knowledgeable group members can guide your family through every situation.

Gutierrez Group members will be available at our booth in the Exhibition Hall throughout the conference to answer all of your personalized questions and provide more information about how we can meet your specific needs.

Felipe, Juan Darío, and Daniel Gutierrez, Gutierrez Group

**** 2 Special Bonus Offers ****
Only For Conference Attendees And Live Stream Participants

Special Bonus #1: If you invest in our Colombian Timber project during the conference, you will also receive all necessary legal advice and assistance to apply for and receive your Colombian investor’s visa—Free of charge!

Special Bonus #2: If you invest in any of the products offered by Gutierrez Group during the conference, you will receive 50% off of your next stay in Medellín, Colombia, when you book an apartment at our brand-new, fully turnkey, exclusive apart-hotel, Manila House. This chic five-flat is located blocks from our office in the thriving barrio of Manila, in the upscale El Poblado area. Due to the popularity of Manila House, we must limit this special offer to a maximum of one week at the discounted rate.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming conference where we believe you will be as excited about our offerings as we are. We welcome your questions and hope to personally meet you at our booth to further discuss how Colombia and Gutierrez Group will exceed your overseas dreams and expectations.

Safe travels and we’ll see you soon!

Juan Darío, Daniel, and Felipe Gutierrez