Tax Compliance Season

Dates for Colombia’s 2018 tax reporting season have been released by the Government and are as follows:

• Colombian Corporations: April 10 – June 26
• Colombian individuals and foreign tax residents in Colombia: August 9 – October 19

How do you know if you are considered a tax resident?

Being a tax resident is different from holding a resident visa. You can hold a resident visa and not necessarily be a tax resident. Tax residency is triggered when an individual stays in the country for more than 183 days within any 365-day period.

Now, if you qualify as a tax resident you have to file a tax declaration, but that also does not necessarily mean that you have to pay income tax. Paying taxes will depend on different criteria, which implies that every particular case needs to be analyzed by a professional.

Feel free to contact us if you require assistance filing your Colombian taxes, and we’ll gladly put our English-speaking professionals at your