Visa to Colombia: Your complete guide to residency

Colombia is a fantastic destination for expatriates and investors worldwide, and getting a visa to Colombia is easier than you think! Come and experience it for yourself! 

The country’s efficient and straightforward visa process is a breath of fresh air in a world where moving across borders can be laden with bureaucracy and complexity. Plus, Colombia offers a user-friendly and accessible approach to residency that makes the process a breeze. 

Whether you are drawn to Colombia’s diversity of landscapes, the vibrancy of its cities, or the promise of economic opportunities, we are happy to help you navigate the visa process and make this vibrant country your new home or investment haven. Welcome to Colombia! 

Colombia’s visa system is designed to welcome you with open arms, featuring low requirements, minimal stay obligations, and a record-breaking approval process. Join us and experience all that Colombia has to offer! This guide will be informative and provide all you need to make the next move

In addition, this blog aims to explain the process of obtaining Colombian residency, highlighting just how easy and beneficial it is for expatriates and investors alike. Let’s explore this journey together and uncover all the unique details that make Colombia a fantastic tourist destination and a wonderful place to call home, work, and prosper!

Understanding Visa Categories in Colombia

Migrant Visas (Temporary Visas)

Understanding Colombia’s visa categories may seem daunting initially, but starting with the nuances of migrant visas, also known as temporary visas, is a fantastic way to begin! 

These visas serve as a gateway for individuals who want to explore, work, or temporarily reside in Colombia. They offer both flexibility and a clear path toward longer-term residency, making it an exciting opportunity to experience all Colombia has to offer! 

Migrant Visas give holders three years to engage with Colombia’s rich culture, booming economy, and diverse landscapes! Plus, with such a welcoming and friendly culture, you’ll feel right at home in no time

These visas stand out for their travel flexibility, allowing unlimited entry and exit from the country. This particularly appeals to those who wish to maintain connections abroad or explore the region further. 

Understanding the purpose and benefits of a visa to Colombia is crucial for your journey to the country! At Gutierrez Group, we are so excited to help you navigate this process and make your trip successful. Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, or simply seeking new horizons, these visas allow you to fully experience Colombian life while maintaining connections to the broader world

Resident Visas (Permanent Visas)

This kind of visa to Colombia represents a profound commitment to this vibrant country. They are not just a stamp on a passport but an invitation to fully integrate into Colombian life. 

Also, it signifies a long-term dedication to residing within its borders. With a generous five-year term, resident visas provide a stable foundation for individuals and families seeking to call Colombia home. 

This visa is a residency permit and a gateway to a new chapter of life filled with opportunities, cultural immersion, and personal growth! With this visa, you can experience all Colombia offers and make it your new home! 

Understanding the broader implications of a resident visa is crucial for those who want to plant roots, contribute to the local community, or enjoy the beauty and diversity of Colombia for an extended period. 

Getting into this commitment is the opportunity to explore the endless possibilities of Colombia’s thriving cities and lush countryside, enriching your life with experiences unique to this country! We can’t wait to share all the amazing things this beautiful country offers! 

Whether you are an investor, retiree, or someone seeking a fresh start, obtaining a resident visa for Colombia is an exciting step toward a future full of promise and potential! We warmly welcome you to explore the many opportunities that await you in this beautiful country.

Colombian visa

Popular types of migrant visas

Pension visa

The process of becoming a Colombian resident reveals a variety of migrant visa options, each designed to meet different needs and circumstances. Among these, the pension visa is a popular choice for retirees seeking a serene yet vibrant place to call home

Additionally, this visa to Colombia offers a straightforward route for those with a steady pension income, allowing them to enjoy Colombia’s rich culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality.

To be eligible for a pension visa, you must receive a pension from Social Security, a private company, or a public entity. The requirement is clear and attainable: your monthly pension must equal or exceed three times the Colombian minimum monthly salary. As the cost of living in Colombia remains reasonable compared to many Western countries, the minimum pension threshold—currently set at approximately US$1000 per month—makes Colombia an attractive retirement destination for many!

Obtaining a pension visa to Colombia is streamlined and user-friendly, reflecting the country’s welcoming attitude towards expatriates and retirees. This visa provides a place to reside and a vibrant community where pensioners can thrive, engage in new hobbies, and even embark on second careers. 

Rentista visa

It provides a fantastic opportunity for individuals who want to make Colombia their home! It offers an alternative path to residency for those who earn their income from sources other than traditional employment or pension

This visa is designed for those who receive regular income from investments or other non-pension financial sources outside Colombia. It demonstrates the country’s flexible approach to attracting diverse expatriate communities.

To be eligible for the rentista visa, you must prove that you receive a stable monthly income equivalent to at least ten times the Colombian minimum monthly salary from a foreign source! This requirement means a minimum of approximately US$2,500 per month at current exchange rates. But don’t worry; it’s an achievable goal for potential expatriates who want to enjoy Colombia’s vibrant lifestyle without seeking local employment.

The Rentista Visa is not only accessible but also promises a life amidst Colombia’s stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and the burgeoning economic environment! With this visa to Colombia, you can open the door to a world where tradition meets modernity and where the warmth of the Colombian people complements the country’s natural beauty and opportunities for personal growth.

As we explore the advantages of this visa, it’s clear that Colombia is a fantastic choice for those seeking a new beginning! With stable income from investments, you can ensure a comfortable and fulfilling life in one of South America’s most enchanting countries. Come and experience the magic of Colombia today!

Additional migrant visa options

Spouse visa

This visa category is perfect for individuals married to or in a permanent partnership with a Colombian citizen. Colombia’s commitment to supporting families of all forms is incredible.

Applicants must demonstrate a genuine and legally recognized relationship with a Colombian national to be eligible for the Spouse Visa. This includes both heterosexual and same-sex couples, highlighting Colombia’s progressive stance on acknowledging and upholding the rights of all individuals equally!

The Spouse Visa’s inclusivity reflects Colombia’s broader values of diversity and acceptance, making it an attractive destination for couples seeking to build their lives together in a society that respects their union.

Applying for a Spouse Visa in Colombia is straightforward, streamlined, and a breeze! To fulfill the visa requirements, applicants should provide proof of their relationship, such as marriage certificates or evidence of cohabitation. We can’t wait to welcome you to our beautiful country! 

Colombia’s decision to include same-sex couples in the Spouse Visa category is a massive step towards equality! This policy offers same-sex couples the same rights and protections as heterosexual couples. This makes it easy for expatriates to settle into their new homes and enjoy all Colombia offers. 

Investment visa

This is the perfect opportunity for individuals interested in investing in Colombia’s growing markets. Whether you invest in a company or purchase real estate, we are excited to have you on board. We aim to attract foreign investors and promote economic growth, and we believe you can help us achieve that.

To qualify for an Investment Visa, you have two main options: investing capital in a Colombian company or real estate. We can’t wait to see what you choose! Each investment option has specific minimum requirements to ensure a significant contribution to the Colombian economy.

For capital investment, you can start with a minimum of 100 Colombian minimum monthly wages invested in a Colombian company. This is a fantastic opportunity for investors to engage in a venture that perfectly aligns with their interests and expertise, whether a new or existing business! According to current guidelines, the investment amount is approximately US$25,000, which makes it a relatively accessible entry point for foreign investors who want to make their mark on the Colombian market. Don’t miss out on this incredible chance to invest in Colombia!

The real estate investment route also provides a fantastic pathway for those interested in the Colombian property market. To qualify for the Investment Visa, the investment must be at least 350 Colombian minimum monthly wages, roughly equivalent to US$85,000! So, what are you waiting for? This option allows investors to access Colombia’s dynamic real estate sector and provides a tangible asset that can be appreciated over time.

Investing in Colombia has never been more exciting! By meeting the minimum investment requirements, investors secure a visa and contribute to Colombia’s growth, engage with its vibrant economy, and potentially reap the rewards of their investments! We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and join us in building a brighter future for Colombia!

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The path to permanent residency

Family resident visa

The journey toward permanent residency through a visa to Colombia encompasses a variety of visa categories tailored to meet applicants’ diverse needs and circumstances. 

Among these, the Family Resident Visa provides a heartfelt opportunity for those uniquely intertwined with Colombia’s vibrant culture and heritage—specifically, for parents of Colombian nationals. 

Eligibility for the Family Resident Visa is straightforward yet profoundly impactful. It extends an invitation to parents whose children hold Colombian nationality, acknowledging the family’s vital role in one’s life and the desire to maintain this bond across borders. 

The process is imbued with a sense of welcome and ease, reflecting Colombia’s overall approach to residency applications. The eligibility criterion—being the parent of a Colombian national—is simple yet significant, allowing for a reunion of families within Colombia’s picturesque landscapes and warm community.

For parents of Colombian nationals, this visa represents a pathway to not just reside but thrive in Colombia, surrounded by loved ones and embraced by the nation’s rich cultural tapestry.

Staying compliant

Migrant visa stay requirements

The Colombian government has established minimal stay requirements for Migrant Visa holders, designed to be as accommodating as possible. These regulations ensure that individuals can maintain their visa status without being tied down, offering flexibility particularly appealing in today’s globalized world. 

For those holding a migrant visa, the rule is straightforward: You must visit Colombia at least once every 180 days and cannot be outside the country for more than 180 days.

This requirement reflects Colombia’s understanding of the modern expatriate’s lifestyle, which may involve travel, work commitments abroad, or the desire to split time between Colombia and another country. 

Moreover, this flexibility is a testament to Colombia’s welcoming nature, inviting the global community to discover what makes this country unique without demanding an immediate or constant presence.

Resident Visa Stay Requirements

The requirements for permanent visa holders reflect Colombia’s understanding of global citizens’ needs. Unlike the frequent travel obligations tied to Migrant Visas, Resident Visa holders are afforded even greater flexibility

The policy states that individuals must not spend more than two consecutive years outside Colombia to maintain their Resident Visa status. This generous timeframe allows for significant international mobility, catering to the lifestyles of those who may have commitments across different countries or wish to travel extensively without jeopardizing their residency status in Colombia.

This minimal stay requirement is a testament to Colombia’s forward-thinking approach to immigration and residency. It acknowledges the varied and dynamic lives of those choosing Colombia as their home while ensuring they remain connected to the country’s cultural and economic fabric

For expatriates, investors, and global nomads considering Colombia for permanent residency, the Resident Visa’s minimal stay requirement offers a compelling blend of stability and flexibility. It opens the door to making Colombia a permanent base without imposing the constraints that often come with residency in other countries.

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Colombia is in the heart of South America, a country that seamlessly blends modernity with tradition. It offers expatriates and investors a place to explore and a world of opportunities to seize. 

With its straightforward and efficient processes, a visa to Colombia is an opportunity for those seeking to navigate the complexities of residency easily. This concluding section underscores why securing a visa to Colombia is a step towards realizing your aspirations in a nation vibrant with culture, opportunity, and innovation.

Securing a visa to Colombia is more than a procedural step; it begins an enriching journey in a country known for its warmth, diversity, and dynamism. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of lush landscapes, the buzz of thriving cities, or the promise of untapped markets, Colombia’s welcoming approach to residency is designed to turn your dreams into reality. 

The country’s array of visa options caters to a broad spectrum of needs, from retirees seeking tranquility to entrepreneurs chasing growth, ensuring that your path to residency is as diverse and inviting as Colombia itself.

As we’ve explored the various visa categories, it’s evident that Colombia offers a unique blend of flexibility, simplicity, and opportunity. This guide aims to illuminate the steps toward securing your place in Colombia and inspire confidence in making this country your new home or investment. With Colombia’s commitment to inclusivity, sustainability, and growth, now is the time to embark on your Colombian adventure. 

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