UNVEILING HIDDEN PARADISES 8 Destinations to Visit in Colombia

Imagine yourself as one of those avid travelers, hungry for new experiences, with eyes eagerly scanning for unexplored landscapes, vibrant colors, and skin ready to embrace exotic climates, effortlessly transitioning from humid environments to scorching summers.

So, now envision your taste buds preparing for a feast of new flavors, bursting with excitement at the array of tastes teasing your palate beside native dishes and signature preparations.

Could you picture it? If you’ve already felt the excitement, then consider a place where you can find all that and much more: art, special people, and adventures that will leave you breathless. Is it possible?

Absolutely! That place exists, and it’s called Colombia. A diverse country where the heart fills with joy at belonging, even as a foreigner, to a place that surprises the heart and enchants the soul.

Colombia is renowned for its world-famous tourist sites, welcoming thousands of visitors year after year, making them feel at home. But… this guide isn’t meant to tell you about those places you may already know or have heard of many times. Our goal is for you to discover hidden gems, less conventional places to visit in Colombia, magical corners that will leave your spirit in awe.

Let’s imagine a story together for each place…

Our journey begins with an unparalleled adventure.

Our journey begins with an unparalleled adventure. You find yourself standing at the entrance of a cavern, ready to descend 80 meters underground and explore 1,600 meters of tunnels that once housed approximately eight million tons of salt.

Located in a town in Cundinamarca famous for its mining activity, you’ll find the Nemocón Salt Mines. Here, your heart will beat fast as you embark on a journey into the depths of the earth, traversing tunnels with water mirrors that naturally reflect the salt, transporting you to a fairy tale. Just a few kilometers from Bogotá, you’ll experience a unique visual spectacle.

Our second stop takes us to the northernmost tip of the country

where we’ll traverse deserts, beaches, bays inhabited by pink flamingos, and vast golden sand dunes.

But… where and what is the most magical experience in this uniquely different destination? It’s Punta Gallinas, one of La Guajira’s destinations, alongside Cabo de la Vela. Here, you can immerse yourself in the culture of the Wayuu indigenous

community and explore the northernmost point of South America. During this journey, you can make a stop in Uribia, known as the “Colombian Indigenous Capital.”

If you’re drawn to indigenous mysticism and spiritual growth, this is your destination. And get ready to be amazed by the local artistry, like the globally recognized Wayuu mochilas, known for their beauty and complexity.

We continue our journey to the Colombian Caribbean to discover Rincón del Mar

A place perfect for doing… nothing! It’s the perfect plan for true relaxation amidst stunning sunsets.

Here, you’ll start the day with the sun rising over the mangroves, have breakfast overlooking the sea, lunch with your feet in the sand, and dine after a sunset spectacle. A naturally wonderful day will include exploring the mangroves by canoe and strolling along the beach.

And there’s more! Nearby in Tintipán and Isla Múcura, you can live memorable experiences like witnessing bioluminescent plankton and discovering hidden paradises where you can scuba dive, horseback ride, and marvel at nature.

Now, let's travel to the Colombian Pacific, to Nuquí.

This exotic destination on the Pacific coast is ideal for nature lovers and tranquility seekers.

Waterfalls, crystal-clear rivers, secluded beaches, and hot springs blend with a diversity of animal species. But the most impressive is the opportunity to spot humpback whales during their passage through the warm waters of the Colombian Pacific. An unmissable spectacle you can experience by traveling to Chocó!

Let's explore Cerro Azul in Guaviare

And feel like a true explorer in the style of Indiana Jones. This destination, located 47 km from San José del Guaviare, offers the opportunity to explore pristine places with a rich history and abundant nature.

There, a mountain stands out amidst the jungle where a series of cave paintings can be observed, forming a beautiful reddish mural of great historical value.

Get ready to be amazed at the Rio Claro Reserve in Antioquia

Just three hours from Medellin, you’ll find this beautiful reserve where the crystalline river meanders through stunning marble formations. Here, you can enjoy activities like camping, rafting, canopy tours, and birdwatching.

Another must-visit place in Colombia is the Tatacoa Desert.

Being there is unforgettable! Just a few hours from Neiva, you’ll find spectacular landscapes filled with red, orange, and terracotta colors, adorned with cacti that make you feel like you’re on another planet!

At night, the starry sky offers a spectacle like no other.

Immerse yourself in the magical realism of Gabriel García Márquez in Mompox

A region with a historic and ancient atmosphere, the sunny Santa Cruz de Mompox, on the banks of the sluggish Magdalena River, completely leaves behind the overrated modernity.

It’s a magical and warm place where, in the evenings, as the high temperatures subside, the inhabitants gather on the sidewalks to chat as if they were one big family. There, you can be dazzled by the beauty of the river landscape blending with spectacular sunsets, along the waterfront of colonial mansions and Andalusian-style churches. It feels like stepping into one of the colorful towns depicted in the novels of Gabriel García Márquez.

In Mompox, one of the most sophisticated musical events in the Colombian Caribbean takes place within the colonial setting of this charming city: the Mompox Jazz Festival. Artists from around the world gather there every October to deliver concerts you won’t want to miss.

So now you have a wide variety of magical corners to choose from in Colombia, ranging from adventure and ancestral mysticism to relaxation and tranquility. Don’t miss out on these places to visit in Colombia! Which one do you want to start with?

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