Feeling at home in Medellín: the Digital Nomad Dream.

The sun dipped behind the mountains, casting a golden glow over Medellín. The air, a balmy embrace at 25 degrees Celsius, whispered tales of friendship. I sat on a bench in Primer Parque de Laureles.

At 6:03 p.m., a vision materialized a blond, tall figure with a friendly face. His gringo appearance was unmistakable. Like a seasoned paisa, he greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and a warm hug. His smile, infectious, seemed to light up the park. Jake was his name, and he had stories to tell stories of Medellín, stories that transcended borders.

“I’m pleased to give you the interview,” Jake said, settling onto the bench. His blue eyes sparkled with anticipation. “You see,” he continued, “I want digital nomads and curious souls from around the world to know what living in Medellín has been to me.”

Jake had been here for a year and a half—a nomad who’d found a second home. But now, a twist awaited: a two-month departure to safeguard his visa. He’d return, though. Medellín had woven itself into his story—a thread he couldn’t unravel.

As we began the interview, Jake’s words flowed—a tapestry of experiences, insights, and laughter. He spoke of affordability, the spring-like climate, and the thriving expat community. “Medellín,” he said, “is more than a city; it’s where you feel home.”

He started talking about how he started his digital nomad life. A restless soul that hailed from the vibrant streets of Austin, Texas. His passport, a mosaic of stamps and memories, tells tales of wanderlust—Parisian cafés, Marrakech markets, Kyoto temples. Jake isn’t just a digital nomad; he’s a seeker—a collector of stories, a weaver of words.

In the heart of Austin, Texas, where live music reverberates through the streets and food trucks serve tacos with a side of soul, Jake’s journey began. He was a software developer by trade, but his spirit yearned for more—a life beyond lines of code and cubicle walls.

Jake’s laptop hummed with possibilities. Its screen held not just code editors, but dreams of distant lands, unexplored cultures, and sunsets that painted the sky in hues he’d never seen. The office air-conditioning chilled his bones, but the thought of warm beaches and bustling markets kept him warm.

One day, as the Texas sun dipped low, Jake made a decision. He packed his essentials—a passport, a sturdy backpack, and a heart eager for adventure. His friends raised their eyebrows. “Why leave a stable job?” they asked. But Jake’s reply was simple: “I want to discover the world.”


And so, he became a digital nomad—a modern-day wanderer fueled by Wi-Fi signals and wanderlust. His first stop was Mexico City, where he sipped mezcal in hidden courtyards and danced to mariachi tunes. The city’s chaos and colors seeped into his soul, and he realized that life wasn’t meant to be lived on grayscale.

Next, Jake wandered through the cobbled streets of Lisbon, Portugal. Fado music echoed from ancient taverns, and he lost himself in the melancholy lyrics. He worked from sunlit cafés, the Atlantic breeze teasing his hair. The Portuguese coastline whispered secrets of sailors and explorers, and Jake listened, penning lines of code that felt like poetry.

From there, he hopped on a flight to Bali. The rice terraces unfolded like emerald staircases, leading him to temples where incense hung heavy in the air. Jake’s laptop perched on bamboo tables, overlooking lush jungles. He wrote algorithms while monkeys swung from tree branches, their curious eyes watching him.

In Kyoto, Japan, cherry blossoms painted the world pink. Jake sat cross-legged in a tea house, debugging software as matcha tea warmed his hands. The ancient temples whispered wisdom, and he wondered if bugs in code were akin to imperfections in a Zen Garden—both beautiful in their own way.

His journey continued—a patchwork quilt of cities, mountains, and beaches. His laptop became a passport, and every line of code was a stamp in his memory.

But amidst the wanderlust, Jake found something unexpected. It wasn’t just about discovering the world; it was about discovering himself. The nomadic life stripped away layers, revealing the core of who he was—a seeker, a dreamer, a lover of both algorithms and sunsets.

One day a vision—a whisper—pulled at his soul. It was as if the very air whispered, “Medellín.” Jake had never been there, but he felt it—a call, an invitation. The city nestled in the Andes, vibrant and alive, beckoned him. Perhaps it was the stories he’d heard—the transformation, the weather, the people. Or maybe it was something deeper—an inexplicable connection.

And so, with a heart full of curiosity, Jake booked a flight. Medellín awaited—a new chapter, a fresh canvas. The digital nomad would become a part of its rhythm, its colors, its pulse. As the plane touched down in the middle of mountains, he knew that this was more than a destination; it was destiny.

Medellín, with its eternal spring, stunning green mountains with waterfalls, and graffiti-clad walls, called Jake. Here, he found solace—a city that wore its scars like badges of honor. The locals welcomed him, their stories etching themselves into his heart. Jake, the digital nomad, became a paisa.

Chapter 1: Arrival in the City of Eternal Spring

The sun-kissed streets of Medellín welcomed Jake with open arms. As he stepped off the plane, his heart raced with anticipation. This was it—the beginning of his digital nomad adventure in the city that had captured his imagination.

Medellín, once infamous for its troubled past, had transformed into a vibrant hub for creatives, entrepreneurs, and wanderers like Jake. Armed with his laptop, a thirst for exploration, and a passion for storytelling, he was ready to dive headfirst into this urban jungle.

Chapter 2: The Nomad’s Playground

Affordability: Where Every Dollar Blossoms

Medellín’s magic lay in its affordability. The Colombian Peso danced favorably against the US dollar, stretching Jake’s budget like a well-worn hammock. With just $3,000 a month, he could live like a local prince—sampling exotic fruits at the bustling markets, sipping freshly brewed coffee, and indulging in street food fiestas.

Climate: A Love Affair with Eternal Spring

Imagine waking up to a perpetual springtime symphony. The sun peeking through emerald hills, birds serenading from every tree, and a gentle breeze whispering secrets. Medellín’s climate was Jake’s muse—a canvas of eternal blue skies and balmy evenings. From his sun-drenched terrace, he typed away, the mountains as his backdrop.

Community: Where Strangers Become Soulmates

Coworking spaces buzzed with energy. Fellow nomads huddled over laptops, sharing dreams and Wi-Fi passwords. Coffee shops doubled as creative sanctuaries, where conversations flowed. The expat community was Jake’s tribe—a patchwork quilt of accents, stories, and late-night salsa sessions.

Infrastructure: Seamless Living, Seamless Working

Reliable internet? Check. Affordable apartments with views that stole his breath? Check. Public transport that whisked him from graffiti-clad streets to cloud forests? Double-check: uber is cheap, no need to rent a car. Metro system is good, (don’t use it in rush hours!!) Medellín’s infrastructure was Jake’s silent ally, allowing him to focus on work, play, and the occasional rooftop yoga session.

Safety: Caution and Curiosity

Safety had improved significantly, but caution remained Jake’s compass. He had learned to be eyes wide, but never feel fear. He learned where to go, and where not to, at least not alone, and that there are quieter places than others. He knew he called the attention of natives and most of them thought he was rich, especially when he went to the countryside. He understood inequity is a problem that remains and had to be conscious and responsible for his actions. Language became his bridge. People were curious about his origins, hungry for stories beyond their borders. Jake’s hometown—a patchwork quilt of memories—became a conversation starter. In return, they gifted him fragments of their lives—Spanish phrases, local legends, laughter that transcended syllables.

Chapter 3: Salsa and Bachata Nights and Street Art Dreams

Cultural Richness: Where Walls Speak

According to Jake, Medellín’s art scene was a kaleidoscope. Murals adorned forgotten walls, telling stories of resilience, love, and rebellion. This digital nomad danced salsa under starlit skies, hips swaying to rhythms older than time. Gardens and trees whispered secrets, and music spilled color onto cobblestones. He loved the flowers fair and the “silletas” parade. He learned how important this was for paisas and the reason why they loved it so much.

Engaging with Locals: The Heartbeat of Medellín

Jake, the Digital nomad in Medellin, told me about Don José, a silver-haired storyteller in a shop in Laureles neighborhood. He was his neighbor and greeted him every day while asking how he was “¿Cómo está hoy mijo?”, as a father to his son. His eyes crinkled as he recounted Medellín’s metamorphosis, his childhood memories in the countryside with his big family and the beauty of rivers and birds, and the good life he had had. They swapped tales—Jake, a digital nomad with lots of stories, Don José, a guardian of memories. In Medellín, locals weren’t strangers; they were family.

Chapter 4: Coffee Farms and Cable Cars

Natural Beauty: Escaping to Eden

Weekends were Jake’s escape pods. He rode cable cars up lush hills to see the city transformation as well as its current challenges. The city sprawling below like a patchwork quilt. More into the countryside and coffee farms, he learned about coffee and life on farms. Cloud forests whispered secrets, and waterfalls danced. He knew he could go to the sea, the jungle, the snow picks, the desert, all in the same country within a few hours. The diversity of the landscape was stunning, the kindness of people was warm. Medellín and Colombia were more than a city; it was a gateway to Eden.

And so, Jake’s digital odyssey continued—a nomad with a heart full of wander, a mind brimming with tales. As he told these words, the sun dipped behind us, casting a golden glow. It was time to go for a cold drink.  Medellín hummed—a heartbeat, a promise. Jake wasn’t just passing through; he was home.

Por: Verónica Vásquez

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