Mortage, Lease-Back & Escrow-Schemed Loans

Facebook Twitter WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Gutierrez Group’s Private Mortgage Loans offer investors the opportunity to participate in a growing industry that is disregarded by local banks: lending money to foreigners buying and/or developing real estate in Colombia. In Colombia, foreigners can’t borrow funds from local banks until they achieve local credit history, which might … Leer más

Sutax Taxi Lending

Facebook Twitter WHAT IS IT ABOUT? Partially owned by Gutierrez Group, SUTAX is the leading taxi brokerage and financing entity in Medellin and its metropolitan area. With 5 branches distributed throughout the city, the company operates a brokerage company, called SUTAX BROKER, through which taxis and its respective medallions (license to operate) are bought and … Leer más

Factoring with Judgments by Gutierrez Group

Facebook Twitter Factoring with Judgments by Gutierrez Group This out-of-the-box product uses the concept of Factoring in a very untraditional, Colombian way. Instead of buying regular bills at a discounted price, as traditional Factoring is conceived, we are buying judgments that the Colombian government is obliged to pay. We buy, at a discounted price, the … Leer más


Our Property Management Division is led by Ana Maria Estrada and comprised of different property managers and suppliers of all kinds. Our team takes care of both the projects developed by our own group, as well as our clients’ furnished rental properties, with unparalleled levels of excellency, transparency and responsiveness. We currently operate more than … Leer más